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shutter styles

We offer a wide variety of styles of shades and shutters. Below you will find a brief description of each style of shutter.
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Bahama shutters provide generous sun shading, privacy, and powerful hurricane protection while also offering an exotic Caribbean island look. These shutters are hinged at the top and articulates out from the bottom. The bottom of the shutter is held out with a telescoping arm so that you can adjust the shutter to your liking. Bahamas are available as both operable decorative shutters and as hurricane impact rated shutters.
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Colonial shutters are a more traditional style shutter. Colonials come in several different variations including Board & Batten, Raised Panel, and Louvered. You can get these shutters in any color and they can be built to custom sizes. These shutters are hinged on either the left or right side of the opening that allows them to swing freely. The shutters are held in the open position by shutter hold backs. The most popular style of shutter hold back is the shutter dog or S-Hook.
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Roll Downs

Roll Downs provide you with the ultimate protection and security for your home or business with the touch of a finger. The roll down shutter system comes with a smooth, manual crank operator. It can be upgraded to a fully electronic, motorized system that you can operate via remote control. We only install Roll Downs made from the finest grade aluminum extrusions for maximum resistance and durability.
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Storm Panels

Storm panels are the most cost-effective storm protection. These panels offer the maximum amount of protection and come in .050 Aluminum, Lexan (polycarbonate), and 24-gauge Steel. These lightweight panels require limited storage space until they are needed. Panels can be inserted permanently into mounted tracks that are painted to match the trim of your house or building. Panels are 15 inches wide and can be stacked on top of one another. The first panel takes up 2 inches. Every additional 9 panels take up another 1 inch of space. Storm Panels can be installed from either the inside or outside of the opening, eliminating the need for bid ladders.
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Fabric Shields

A Fabric Shield is a great lightweight option for storm protection. It meets all state building codes. Fabric Shields are designed to be installed from the outside of the opening with direct mount fasteners. These fasteners are permanently installed in the opening. A fabric shield folds up for easy vertical storage.
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Accordion shutters offer privacy, security, and hurricane protection. They are permanently anchored to your home or business and secured to each side of the window or door. Our accordion shutters can be configured to operate and lock from either outside or inside the opening. The locking system consists of a thumb-turn system for interior closures and a key lock system for security and exterior closing shutters.
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